Every day, we tackle the biggest threats to our health and the environment.


Eliminating Toxic Flame Retardants

Furniture and baby products that families use everyday are often doused with toxic flame retardant chemicals that endanger our health and do not even protect us from fires. We work to end the use of these cancer-causing chemicals in furniture, baby products, and more.

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Healthier Energy Choices

As the United States steadily turns to natural gas for power, we face serious risks from hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, which uses chemicals that pollute the air and water around communities where fracking is taking place. Our team works to monitor and report on potential health threats from fracking, and fights for protections for all families.

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Legal Action to Stop Illegal Toxic Threats

We buy products and test them for harmful chemicals–then we take legal action against those business products and practices that put our children’s and families’ health at risk.

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Strengthening Chemical Safety Laws

For too long, business has been allowed to put harmful chemicals in everyday products first, and make their products safer only after people get sick. We work to change this backward approach, pushing the government to adopt chemical safety policies that put our  families’ health first.

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Promoting Better Plastics

Plastics are all around us, and chemicals in plastics can pollute our water, our bodies, and even our fetuses. This is especially troubling when plastics are used to package our food and drinks. It doesn’t have to be this way–that’s why we’re working to encourage business to use safer materials in the plastics they use for food and drinks.

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