Flame Retardants & Beyond

CEH has won major victories to eliminate the use of toxic flame retardant chemicals that pose serious health threats to children and families. Now we’re moving major companies away from these and other toxic chemicals in their products.

Furniture is an unexpected reservoir of many hazardous chemicals that can pose health threats to children, families, workers, consumers and communities. CEH has moved the furniture industry away from the use of toxic flame retardant chemicals. Now we are working to eliminate a “Hazardous Handful” of chemicals from furniture; in addition to flame retardants, these include formaldehyde, fluorinated chemicals, antimicrobials and polyvinyl chloride (vinyl).

CEH is working with major companies, institutions, and government agencies who take the Purchaser Pledge to preferentially purchase furniture made without the Hazardous Harmful of chemicals. Already major furniture buyers including Kaiser Permanente, the City and County of San Francisco, LinkedIn Corporation, the University of California, Santa Cruz and others have signed the
CEH Pledge.

If your business, university, government agency or other institution is interested in moving the market towards healthier furniture and would like to join us by signing the Pledge, please contact Judy Levin at judy@ceh.org.

Sign the Purchaser Pledge here