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Top 5 Ways to Have a Toxic-Free Easter

toxic-free Easter

Spring is blooming and Easter is right around the corner! As we relax and enjoy the company of family and friends, it is important to remember to steer clear of the synthetic, holiday-themed products that can contain harmful chemicals. By making conscious and educated choices, you can limit the amount of unwanted toxic chemicals showing…

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Doctors Join the Call for Strong Chemical Safety Rules


Nine years ago, CEH co-authored a paper detailing how U.S. chemical policy rules favor chemical corporations at the risk of our children’s and families’ health. The key recommendation was a simple, common-sense change in federal chemical rules: require companies to demonstrate the safety of chemicals before they are allowed to use them in thousands of…

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CEH Partners with Sungevity


As you probably already know, CEH supports clean, renewable energy that doesn’t threaten families’ health. While processes like fracking use dangerous chemicals that pollute the air and drinking water of communities near drilling sites, solar energy is clean and renewable. Sungevity is an innovative solar company who believes in solar for universal need. Companies like Sungevity…

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Opening Week’s True Lead-Off Man


New Year’s Day (observed) was yesterday, and America’s past time is back.  Normally, Major League Baseball awards are announced at the end of the season, way off in October/November.  But the Center for Environmental Health will grant its first annual “Best Lead-Off Man” award during Opening Series, due to the meritorious question posed by Ross…

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Fracking and Health: State of the Science


This week, ProPublica reported on a number of recent studies showing the health impacts on communities near fracking developments. The investigators there looked at fracking health studies back in 2011, and now noted that some new information is showing increasing cause for concern, as well as areas where research is still lacking. CEH’s recent report,…

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Meet the New Chemical Safety Rules (Same as the Old Rules)


The Washington Post today reported on the decades-old federal government rules on the safety of ingredients used in cosmetics and personal care products, including shampoo and many children’s personal care products. The rules were adopted in 1938 but have not been updated since. A year ago, the FDA and the cosmetics industry came together in…

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Movies for Change: The Oscars of Environmental Health


The Oscars are nearly here, and everyone is asking, “Who will win best director,” “Will Sandra Bullock win again,” and “What was up with the ending of Her?” We have another question: where are the Oscar-nominated environmental health movies of 2013? Last year’s crop of films may not have included any environmental health blockbusters like…

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Supporter Spotlight: Jean Hansen

Jean Hansen

Jean Hansen is the Sustainable Interiors Manager for the global architecture firm, HDR Architecture. She’s been a great supporter of CEH for many years, both as an employee sponsor of the HDR grant application and also as a partner with CEH on safer furniture purchasing for businesses, healthcare facilities, and interior designers. Jean has also supported…

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Flame Retardant-Free Furniture? These Companies Are Moving Toward Safer Products


In January, we shared the news about the Center for Environmental Health’s landmark legal agreements that aim to end the use of harmful flame retardant chemicals in foam furniture and children’s products from Playtex, West Elm, and other leading companies. Today, we’re giving you the information you need to protect your family and shop smarter:…

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Save the Date: CEH Event on May 8, 2014!


Mark your calendars…CEH is having a spring event! May 8, 2014 Bently Reserve San Francisco, CA More details to follow…

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