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CEH Legal Action: Be Safe When You Vape


CEH has been receiving questions about our recent legal action against companies that make e-cigarettes and vaping products. We welcome an open exchange on the topic. Below are some responses to the more frequently asked questions. Q: Do you want everyone to stop using e-cigarettes and vaping products? A: CEH does not oppose the use…

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Black Lives Matter & Environmental Justice


Several CEH staff were interested in taking part in a conversation around the issues raised by the Black lives matter movement and our work in environmental health and justice. Among the leading tenets of environmental justice is the dictum, “we speak for ourselves” (it’s even the title of the 1990 book edited by Dr. Robert…

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The Good and Bad News About BPA


The toxic plastics chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) has recently been in the news again. For CEH, BPA exemplifies many of the more problematic aspects of our country’s approach to harmful chemicals in everyday products, and a look at the history and science around BPA is instructive for all who are working to end toxic health…

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My Story with the Chemical Industry


I worked in an environment that was hazardous to my health for many years. At first I didn’t realize it. But as time passed, I became aware that many of the on-site substances were known to cause cancer in some groups of workers as well as laboratory animals. Stuff like benzene, methylene chloride, and PCBs……

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Money talks. But it’s time to shut it up.


In the Supreme Court Case, Citizens United, the Court ruled for the first time that corporations are guaranteed the same free speech rights as real people to influence elections. The problem is, they have more money. A lot more money. As the saying goes, “Money talks.” So while many of us exercise our democratic right…

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Safe Toys Shouldn’t Be a Holiday Miracle


Children love Curious George. Looking at this Curious George doll, you can just imagine a little kid playing with him, hugging him tightly, even kissing his face. So it would be shocking to learn that the face of this Curious George doll, bought and tested by CEH in 2007, was made with extremely high levels…

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An Asbestos Warning on Fracking


We all love innovative new technologies. We pine for the latest kitchen gadgets, drool over techy new cars, wait in long lines for the latest iThings. But sometimes innovation comes with risk, with dangerous and even deadly unexpected consequences. In a recent report, as noted by the London Guardian, the top science advisor to the…

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Fracking is Fine (Just Hold Your Breath)


You may have been shocked by this recent headline: “Dead babies near oil drilling sites raise questions for researchers.” But if you have been following the national debate about fracking, you are likely to be all too familiar with the concerns that community members have about pollution from this new drilling technology. In fact, the…

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WTF?! What the Frack?!


Normally, we’d applaud any funding in support of a reputable breast cancer prevention organization. But we find this disturbingly odd. Baker Hughes, a $22 billion a year company that makes equipment used in fracking, has donated $100,000 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to promote breast cancer awareness. Fracking involves drilling deep wells and then…

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Is Artificial Turf Poisoning Our Kids?


An investigative report from NBC News has exposed a stunning fact: It seems that significant numbers of soccer playing kids are being diagnosed with cancer. Amy Griffin, a soccer coach at the University of Washington, has been tracking health problems among college women soccer players. Coach Griffin has found 38 players – 34 of whom…

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