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Fracking is Fine (Just Hold Your Breath)


You may have been shocked by this recent headline: “Dead babies near oil drilling sites raise questions for researchers.” But if you have been following the national debate about fracking, you are likely to be all too familiar with the concerns that community members have about pollution from this new drilling technology. In fact, the…

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WTF?! What the Frack?!


Normally, we’d applaud any funding in support of a reputable breast cancer prevention organization. But we find this disturbingly odd. Baker Hughes, a $22 billion a year company that makes equipment used in fracking, has donated $100,000 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to promote breast cancer awareness. Fracking involves drilling deep wells and then…

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Is Artificial Turf Poisoning Our Kids?


An investigative report from NBC News has exposed a stunning fact: It seems that significant numbers of soccer playing kids are being diagnosed with cancer. Amy Griffin, a soccer coach at the University of Washington, has been tracking health problems among college women soccer players. Coach Griffin has found 38 players – 34 of whom…

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Greening Condoms: The Case for Removing Unnecessary Exposures to Nitrosamines


co-authored by Jessica Arons, Reproductive Health Technologies Project Whether it’s “greening” our cars or our dry cleaning, it’s now quite common for Americans to seek out products that have a minimal impact on the environment and our health.  What’s much less common is any discussion about green contraception – in other words, contraception that leaves…

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Schumer Proposes Federal Flame Retardants Ban


Yesterday I attended a historic event: New York Senator Charles E. Schumer announced he is introducing the first-ever federal legislation to ban dangerous flame retardant chemicals from furniture and products for infants and children. I was pleased to speak in support of this important legislation at the Senator’s press event in New York yesterday, joined…

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Toxic Hot Seat – Now Available to Download


Last fall, HBO premiered the documentary “Toxic Hot Seat,” which includes clips from an interview with CEH Executive Director Michael Green. The film, now available to download, takes us on a journey with a courageous group of firefighters, mothers, journalists, scientists, politicians, and activists who fight together to expose the decades-long disinformation campaign by chemical…

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Environmental Health and Reproductive Justice: Connecting the Dots


In our recent piece for the National Women’s Health Network (which I co-authored with Sarah Alcid of MomsRising), we summarized some of the connections between environmental health and reproductive justice efforts. In my work as a staff member at CEH and a Board Member of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project, I often see these connections…

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Starting Early for Safety from Flame Retardants


A guest post from CEH fan and new dad Eric Wright When we found out we were getting ready to have a baby we had very little knowledge of baby products. The only thing we knew was to go to Babies R’ Us or Buy Buy Baby and buy what looked good. Once there we…

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Summer Recipes from Our Staff


We have compiled a few of our staff’s favorite, organic recipes for you to try. Take a look and happy cooking! Sue Chiang, Pollution Prevention Co-Director –East Indian Rice & Lentils Soup (and/or Split Peas) Ingredients: 3 T Olive Oil ½ to 1 med onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, minced 1-1/2 C lentils, etc. (I…

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A 4th of July Food Manifesto


With Fourth of July coming, many Americans have picnicking on the mind. And picnics mean picnic food – barbecued burgers on fluffy white buns with summer tomatoes, ketchup, potato chips, corn on the cob, and all of it washed down with a Coke (hopefully not Pepsi). If that sounds like your July 4 plan, better…

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