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CEH’s Award-Winning Success in Kicking Toxic Chemicals Out of Furniture

Earlier this month, CEH was awarded the “Market Transformation” Award by by the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) for our work to move the furniture industry towards healthier, less toxic  products.  CEH’s work educating and assisting major corporations towards purchasing safer furniture, made without toxic chemicals provided an important example of how purchasers can incentivize…

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Aliso Canyon: Dangerous, Dirty, and Unnecessary

by Chelsea Burroughs CEH is working to end health risks from the Southern California Gas (SoCalGas) Aliso Canyon gas storage facility. We work in support of local communities whose health has been affected by the company’s polluting emissions, and we have joined legal action to hold SoCalGas accountable. We were pleased to see the Los…

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Justice for Porter Ranch

by Kaya Allan Sugerman Last month, I spoke at a public hearing to oppose a proposal to re-open the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility. You may recall Aliso Canyon was the source of the largest methane leak in US history. You can read more about the facility and why it should not re-open in…

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CEH Testing: Lead-Tainted Sippy Cups

See CEH Research Director Caroline Cox and Research Coordinator Matt Nevins in this CBS News report on lead-tainted sippy cups for young children.

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Fracking Chemicals: Respiratory Health Risks to Infants and Children

by Ellen Webb Two years ago, a midwife from Vernal, Utah, made headlines by suggesting a link between infant mortality and air pollution from fracking. After serving as the town’s midwife for 19 years, she’d delivered a baby that died in stillbirth. This was no isolated incident: the infant mortality rate in Vernal had surged…

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VIDEO: a firefighter battles cancer

A note to CEH from firefighter Dan Dunnigan Dear Michael Green, Thank you for all your hard work! You are so strong and inspiring, as is your team! The video is so well done. Please let me know how I can be of service in 2016! Thanks again- and talk soon, Dan D

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Cultivating a New Generation of Environmental Justice Leaders

by Alvaro Palacios Casanova I was a gang-member from a low-income Southern California neighborhood when I had a wake-up call I’ll never forget. A rock hurtling through a car windshield crushed my nose, broke my jaw, cost me the use of my left eye and nearly ended up costing me my life. But I recovered…

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Starting Early for Safety from Flame Retardants

A guest post from CEH fan and new dad Eric Wright When we found out we were getting ready to have a baby we had very little knowledge of baby products. The only thing we knew was to go to Babies R’ Us or Buy Buy Baby and buy what looked good. Once there we…

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CEH’s Toxic-Free Gift Guide 2012

  Gift guide 2012 from Center for Environmental Health

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Leave it Out of the Landfill- Composting for Your Home or Small Business

This post was written by Guest Blogger Tim Eyre. More and more, municipalities across the United States are looking for ways to avoid filling their areas’ landfills. The reason is usually economics: cities and towns can’t afford to purchase more space and are running out of the room they have, so they are looking to…

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