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CEH Testing: Lead-Tainted Sippy Cups


See CEH Research Director Caroline Cox and Research Coordinator Matt Nevins in this CBS News report on lead-tainted sippy cups for young children.

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The New Methane Regulations: Adequate or Short-sighted?


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency broke precedent Thursday, May 12th when it announced the country’s first ever methane emission standards for the oil and gas industry. The agency proudly called it a further effort on the part of the Obama Administration to fight climate change, and claimed it would cut 2012 levels of methane emissions…

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Book Review: Modern Poisons


When I spoke to John Warner, a founder of the field of green chemistry, for the CEH podcast, he made the observation that in educating chemists, the toxicology of the compounds they are creating is rarely considered. In a chemistry class at any level, he said, ask the chemists to describe a compound they are…

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Fracking Chemicals: Respiratory Health Risks to Infants and Children


by Ellen Webb Two years ago, a midwife from Vernal, Utah, made headlines by suggesting a link between infant mortality and air pollution from fracking. After serving as the town’s midwife for 19 years, she’d delivered a baby that died in stillbirth. This was no isolated incident: the infant mortality rate in Vernal had surged…

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Jed York, 49ers wish you a lead-filled Christmas


Testing by the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) has found that a San Francisco 49ers-branded Christmas tree ornament sold at Kmart contains high levels of lead, at nearly 40 times the legal limit for lead in a child’s product.  Lead is a stunningly toxic chemical that can cause cancer, reproductive health issues, neurological damages, and…

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VIDEO: a firefighter battles cancer


A note to CEH from firefighter Dan Dunnigan Dear Michael Green, Thank you for all your hard work! You are so strong and inspiring, as is your team! The video is so well done. Please let me know how I can be of service in 2016! Thanks again- and talk soon, Dan D

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Are the New York Yankees selling illegal soap?


On Opening Day, the stink of another scandal is wafting over America’s ballparks   OAKLAND, CA – Following a Spring Training where A-Rod’s past steroid use made more headlines than the New York Yankees’ dim prospects this coming season, the nonprofit Center for Environmental Health (CEH) has discovered another troubling example of the team’s quickly…

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Is Artificial Turf Poisoning Our Kids?


An investigative report from NBC News has exposed a stunning fact: It seems that significant numbers of soccer playing kids are being diagnosed with cancer. Amy Griffin, a soccer coach at the University of Washington, has been tracking health problems among college women soccer players. Coach Griffin has found 38 players – 34 of whom…

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Greening Condoms: The Case for Removing Unnecessary Exposures to Nitrosamines


co-authored by Jessica Arons, Reproductive Health Technologies Project Whether it’s “greening” our cars or our dry cleaning, it’s now quite common for Americans to seek out products that have a minimal impact on the environment and our health.  What’s much less common is any discussion about green contraception – in other words, contraception that leaves…

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Schumer Proposes Federal Flame Retardants Ban


Pictured above: Ansje Miller speaking at the press conference. Yesterday I attended a historic event: New York Senator Charles E. Schumer announced he is introducing the first-ever federal legislation to ban dangerous flame retardant chemicals from furniture and products for infants and children. I was pleased to speak in support of this important legislation at…

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