Despite decades of progress, harmful chemicals still surround us all. That’s why we work every day to protect your children and family from toxic chemicals that cause learning disabilities, cancer, and many other health problems.


Mission, Values & Beliefs

We envision a world where everyone lives, works, learns and plays in a healthy environment; we protect people from toxic chemicals by working with communities, businesses, and the government to demand and support business practices that are safe for human health and the environment.

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Threats to Your Family’s Health

It’s the shocking story that the nightly news fails to tell:  every day we are all exposed to chemicals that can make your loved ones sick. These chemicals hide in your furniture, your food, and your personal care products.  The Center for Environmental Health eliminates toxic chemicals in your family’s home, school, workplace, and the products you use daily.

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From public pressure to legal action, we have perfected the strategies that put safer products in your home and workplace.

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CEH Justice Fund

Low-income communities of color face the greatest health threats from toxic chemicals, and are often targeted for polluting facilities. CEH created the Justice Fund to provide small grants to California-based environmental justice groups who work to address the toxic health threats that most affect their communities.

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Our Goals

It’s a big, ambitious vision:  implementing common-sense chemical policies, building markets for the safest products, taking stubborn polluters to court, and changing how business does business.

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