American Health Depends on Stronger TSCA Reform

chemicals in commerce act

TSCA Reform may be the most important legislation you’ve never heard of. If you have heard about it, it is likely that what you’ve learned has been misinformation deliberately spread by the chemical industry.

What every American needs to know:

  1. The US law on the use of chemicals is the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), which was adopted in 1976. Even then it didn’t do enough to protect our children and families from harmful chemicals.
  1. TSCA reform effects us all. Since 1976, thousands of disease-causing chemicals have made their way into our air, water, food and the products we use everyday.
  1. We are all walking around with these dangerous chemicals in our bodies and they’re making us sick.
  1. Many of these chemicals have been scientifically linked to cancer, birth defects, developmental delays, endocrine disruption and a host of other diseases.
  1. The current law establishes a “safe until proven poisonous” system which gives chemical companies free reign to release virtually any chemical into the marketplace without first testing it to see if it’s safe for families.
  1. The chemical industry wants to put profits before human health.
  1. Stronger TSCA reform means that we correct the system so that chemical companies are required to demonstrate that their products are safe before they can put them into the products we buy.


TSCA 101
toxic-chemicals barrles jpgThe Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) is a set of laws passed in 1976 in an attempt to regulate the use of toxic chemicals in our air, food, water and in the products we use every day. The essence of this body of law is that companies can put chemicals that have not been tested for safety into the products we use everyday and they needn’t remove them from the market until people get sick. The law has failed to make us safe from dangerous chemicals. Congress has been working to reform TSCA for the past year and will likely take up the issue in 2015. This is a historic opportunity to get it right.

The chemical industry’s lobby arm, the American Chemistry Council (ACC), is spending millions of dollars to take control of the drafting of this legislation and protect the status quo. Their playbook is all too familiar, using false claims that stricter laws will cost jobs, stifle innovation, and hurt manufacturing growth. The truth is that leading green companies have already proven that changing business policies spurs innovation, generates growth, and creates jobs.

chemistestBoth the Chemical Safety Improvement Act (CSIA) in the Senate and its counterpart in the House, the Chemicals in Commerce Act (CICA) would have further weakened our protections from toxic chemicals. Fortunately, they were defeated. We still have an opportunity to strengthen TSCA and correct the system so that new chemicals are tested BEFORE they’re used in products. But we need your support because the forces aligned to weaken the law are well funded and ready to spread misinformation to protect the status quo.

Help fund the efforts to correct the system so that new chemicals are tested BEFORE they are used in products.

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