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New Study: Air pollution risks from fracking


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Report: Toxic and Dirty Secrets: The Truth About Fracking and Your Family’s Health


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Our Approach

Fracking is a risky technology that can make people sick. We shouldn’t be rushing into this technology without a thorough understanding of the potential damage to our health and environment. CEH believes that we have a right to know about chemicals we are exposed to from fracking, and a right to be protected from the impacts these chemicals have on our health and our environment.

CEH is working nationally and regionally with a large coalition of local, state and national organizations concerned about the impact of fracking on our health and the environment. Our focus is to monitor and report on potential health threats from fracking, partner with mothers and others concerned about the health impacts on children and women, bring together the scientists, researchers, and communities impacted by fracking, and use market forces to impact the demand for cleaner, safer energy sources.

We are working in New York, California, and throughout the country for protections from fracking that

  • Require oil and natural gas developers to publicly disclose the chemicals used in fracking and to monitor and report on chemicals that are byproducts of the fracking process;
  • Impose moratoriums or bans that delay fracking unless thorough studies, including comprehensive health impact assessments, demonstrate it can be done safely and rules are in place to ensure safe practices;
  • Demand better research and scientific oversight of fracking; and
  • Mandate the use of air quality control technology in fracking communities.