“Symposium on the Public Health Dimensions of Oil & Gas Development: Tools, Strategies, and Collaboration”

On January 21-22, 2016, CEH hosted a symposium on oil and gas development and the threats to communities’ health at Occidental College, Los Angeles.

Featured at the event was a bus tour of three environmental justice communities in Los Angeles where the residents’ health is at risk from oil and gas operations in their neighborhoods. See our video from the event below.

See the Symposium program.

The symposium aimed to help build awareness and engagement by focusing on a diverse set of topics, including:

  1. Discussing the role of monitoring in identifying and communicating potential health risks of oil and gas development to a wider audience.
  1. Bridging the gaps between state and local public health departments, frontline communities, citizen scientists, researchers, and health professionals looking at environmental and social determinants of health, to create effective engagement on oil and gas development activities.
  1. Sharing community monitoring experience and expertise to add value to engagements among community groups, public health departments, and researchers working on upstream oil and gas activities.

The Symposium was co-sponsored by

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