Lead Found in Brass Mouthpieces Used in Musical Instruments

CEH has found the toxic metal lead in 13 brass mouthpieces used to play instruments like trumpets, saxophones, and trombones. CEH sent legal notices to 12 manufacturers and two retailers for failing to warn customers of this health threat, as required by California’s consumer protection law Prop 65. Prop 65 identifies lead as a metal that causes cancer and reproductive harm. Guitar Center Inc. was found to sell 10 of the lead tainted products.

According to our testing, all of the mouthpieces listed in CEH’s legal action would expose a person playing the instrument to lead.

Short Term Solution
The best way to avoid the risk of lead exposure is to avoid brass mouthpieces for the time being. CEH recommends the use of stainless steel mouthpieces, which aren’t made with lead, as an alternative to brass ones. Giddings Mouthpieces and KELLY Mouthpieces manufacture stainless steel mouthpieces. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at info@ceh.org.

Long Term Solution
By taking the issue directly to companies that make and sell toxic mouthpieces, CEH’s goal is to work with these companies to eliminate the lead threat which will protect consumers, especially children, from the health risks posed by these toxic products.

Review the list of mouthpieces that tested positive for lead.

Fight back against toxic products
By testing products for lurking toxic chemicals, CEH helps consumers make informed choices, and gathers evidence to pass laws that protect us all. Please donate to help us expand our work testing the safety of popular products.