CEH Action

Advocacy & action to strengthen chemical laws

Current Work: 

Capital - Washington D.C.Congress Adopts Chemical Safety Bill


5-Insights-into-the-Latest-Social-Media-Facts-Figures-and-StatisticsInsights: Read about what happens when chemical industry money takes over the law making process in Congress – hint: it’s not good.

Capital - Washington D.C.Letter To Congress: Read our opposition letter to Senators Inhofe & Boxer about the flaws in Udall & Vitter’s new proposed chemical safety bill.

Op-Ed: Read our op-ed in the NJ Star Ledger, co-written with Chris Gavigan, Co-Founder of the Honest Company, opposing the Udall/Vitter chemical safety bill in the Senate

TSCA-Reform-Infographic ThumbnInfographic: Get a “by-the-numbers” look at the various flaws of both the current federal law and the proposed Udall/Vitter chemical safety bill.

B4UL logo FINAL no CEHPodcast: In “Captured By Corporations,” we hear from two journalists on what happens when corporate interests trump science at the EPA and FDA.

books460Stories: Take a look at all that CEH accomplished with just one state law, California’s Proposition 65.

Our Approach: 

CEH believes that you have a right to know what’s in your products and the right to safe products for your children and families. We believe that safer products also mean safer conditions for workers that create those products. Safe products should be a given for every sector of the market – safety should not be something available only to those who can afford more expensive products.

We work for government policies that put your health first. We support requirements that give you the information you need about chemical health threats and other information about the health and safety of chemicals used by business. We promote policies that will require companies to demonstrate the safety of their products before they are allowed on the market – not allowing them to poison us first, and take action only after our children and families are at risk. We also work to insure that lawmakers establish rules to address the specific risks to those who are most vulnerable to chemical health threats, including children, pregnant women, workers, people living in toxic hot spots, and others who are most at risk.

Our team works at the state and federal levels, to keep you informed and active on the latest battles for safer chemical policies. Across the country, people are demanding change in the rules that govern harmful chemicals. We stand together with millions of Americans who want stronger rules to protect our children and families.