Previous Work

Since 1996, we've worked to clean up industries so families can enjoy healthier, safer lives.


CEH took legal action against e-cigarette companies for failing to warn consumers about exposures to the toxic chemicals in their products, as required under Prop 65. This follows our previous legal action against companies that were not informing customers about the nicotine in their products.

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Working to create incentives for a safer electronics industry that doesn’t “design for the dump”, we asked manufacturers and their suppliers to do three important things: Make it Safe. Make it Last. Take it Back.

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Clean and Safe Ports

Striving to improve air quality in low-income communities, we worked to get stronger restrictions on diesel emissions from port trucks that create harmful pollution in our nation’s port communities.

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Greening Healthcare

By eliminating toxic chemicals in the products and practices used by hospitals across the country, our work supported and strengthened hospitals in their efforts to be protectors of public health.

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Safer Food and Farming

CEH supports safer, sustainable food production that serves to regenerate natural resources, support healthier food for consumers, and create healthier environments for farmers, farm workers, and rural communities.

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CEH  investigated concerns around BPA and other chemicals in plastics, and to work with nonprofit and business partners on ways to improve food contact products so they are made without harmful chemicals.

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