San Francisco Bay Area Hospital Roundtables

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

9:00 am – 12:15 pm (8:30am – informal networking, coffee/tea). Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to get through security.

Environmental Protection Agency (75 Hawthorne St. San Francisco, CA). Marianas-Palau Room – see for directions and parking information. BART Accessible: Montgomery St. Station

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Past Roundtables:

The Center for Environmental Health hosted its first Bay Area Hospital Roundtable on Electronics: A Discussion of Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, Management and Disposal Options for Electronics on October 24, 2007. Twenty-three representatives from twelve health care institutions and three county agencies attended the event.

To view the Roundtable Agenda, click here.

CEH conducted a survey of twenty four Bay Area Hospitals’ electronics purchasing, management and disposal practices.  Click here to see the descriptive findings.

The environmental impact associated with the manufacturing, usage and disposal of electronics is vast and is becoming increasingly problematic .  To view CEH’s PowerPoint presentation on “An Overview of the Environmental and Human Health Problems Associated with the Life Cycle of Electronics” and “Existing Tools and Resources for Purchasing and Disposal Decisions” click here.

Electronics are a source of intense energy usage.  Click here to view “A Survey of Energy Trends and Efficiency Strategies for Hospitals”, presented by Alex Chase of Energy Solutions.

PG&E offers a number of cash rebate and customized incentives programs for residential and business customers.  Click here to view the presentation by Mohammad Yazdi of PG&E.

85% of a hospital’s waste is non-hazardous solid waste.  By implementing effective solid waste reduction and recycling programs, hospitals can significantly reduce their solid waste streams. Click here to view the EPA’s fact sheet highlighting case studies for paper material, plastics, and food waste.