FAQs- BPA in Canned Foods Imported from Asia

Q: How can I know which cans tested positive for BPA?
A: It’s important to stress that CEH tested just a small portion of the many canned foods that are available from Asian stores, so our list of cans that contain BPA is not comprehensive. Shoppers can find the list of cans with BPA by visiting ceh.org/NoBPA.

Q: What should shoppers at Asian stores do?
A: Given the high likelihood that cans from these stores contain BPA, we recommend that shoppers avoid canned foods from these stores whenever possible, until manufacturers eliminate the toxic chemical.

Q: What should store owners do?
A: Under state rules, stores with ten or more employees that sell canned foods are required to display warning signs (see example below) to inform consumers about the risks from BPA. The rules require signs to be displayed at the point-of-sale (usually at the cash register) and be at least 5 inches by 5 inches large. Given the extremely high likelihood that cans in these stores contain BPA, CEH recommends that store owners place larger signs on all store shelves where canned foods are found. We also recommend that store owners give shoppers the following web link where they can find the CEH data on cans with BPA: ceh.org/NoBPA.

Click here for a full list of the canned foods we tested

More information on the state rules is at https://oehha.ca.gov/media/downloads/crnr/07192016bparegs.pdf.