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Productivity in the workplace is not just about how well people work, but also how well they feel. When you are looking at ways to keep employees healthy, safe, and productive, you should consider the hidden health hazards in office furniture. Chairs, sofas, and other office furniture is often treated with harmful chemicals, including flame retardants, antimicrobials, fluorinated stain treatments, PVC , and formaldehyde (also known as the Hazardous Handful chemicals). These chemicals have been linked to serious health effects, including higher rates of cancer, reduced IQ, obesity, and infertility, among other health problems, and can contaminate the air in your office.

Fortunately CEH can help you determine if your current office furniture contains harmful chemicals, and guide you in replacing it with healthier versions. Many businesses find that this not only creates a healthier work environment but also can result in a cost savings!

CEH is working with major companies, institutions, and government agencies who take the Purchaser Pledge to preferentially purchase furniture made without the Hazardous Harmful of chemicals. Already major furniture buyers including Kaiser Permanente, the City and County of San Francisco, LinkedIn Corporation, the University of California, Santa Cruz and others have signed the CEH Pledge. Sign the Purchaser Pledge here

If your business, university, government agency or other institution is interested in moving the market towards healthier furniture and would like to join us by signing the Pledge, please contact Judy Levin at judy@ceh.org.

FR Pledge flyer front imageCEH is recruiting major corporations like LinkedIn, Genentech, Kaiser Permanente, and many others in the movement to end the use of the Hazardous Handful in furniture.

DESKOffice Furniture Makers Are Moving Towards Safer Products. “Kicking Toxics Out Of The Office” e-guide and our 2018 list of manufacturers selling office furniture without the Hazardous Handful chemicals.

mg_9221-1CEH has won legal agreement with dozens of companies to end their use of flame retardants. See our list of these furniture and baby products companies.

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