CEH Legal Agreements to End the Use of Flame Retardants


In January 2014, CEH won legal agreements that ended the use of harmful flame retardants by several major furniture and baby products companies. We have now completed dozens of similar legal settlements with companies that have agreed to end their use of the cancer-causing flame retardant chlorinated Tris (TDCPP), and/or to eliminate all toxic flame retardant from their products.

The chart below shows the companies that we have binding legal agreements with, noting which companies are eliminating only Tris and which are eliminating all flame retardants. Note that the column for “Product Example” is not inclusive of all reformulated products but is merely one example – our legal agreements call on the companies to reformulate all foam-filled products.


FR Table-PDF 1

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See the March 2016 CBS News report featuring CEH testing of Orbit Baby’s car seats.