A Pesticide No Child Needs to Eat

This month, California pesticide regulators have a historic opportunity to take action to protect children from a chemical that poses serious threats to their health. But we must let the state Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) know NOW that they must take swift action for children’s health.

Doctors and scientists say that the pesticide chlorpyrifos can damage children’s developing brains, even at the levels found on our food. All children who eat food sprayed with this pesticide are at risk, and children who live in rural areas near the spraying face the worst hazards.

The DPR can do the right thing by banning chlorpyrifos to protect children’s health, and by working for safer alternatives for farmers and consumers.

Tell DPR Director Brian Leahy that you want safer food and safer farms for children – sign the petition today!

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