Sign the Petition: Dump Trump’s New Toxics Chief

Betsy DeVos. Scott Pruitt. Ben Carson. Now, here’s the latest Trump appointee who would wreck the protections they’re supposed to uphold: Michael Dourson.

Dourson spent his career helping Big Tobacco, Teflon makers, and the Koch Brothers’ energy company get approval of their products and escape regulation. He doesn’t belong in an office where he could greenlight substances like lead, asbestos, and BPA —substances linked to cancer, delayed mental and physical development, or cause major reproductive harm. Trump is showing again that our health doesn’t matter to him, especially the people of color and low-income communities who will be hurt the most by gutting our toxics laws.

We need to protect all Americans, especially our most vulnerable communities, from toxic chemicals that could make us sick. Sign the petition to oppose Michael Dourson.

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