Tell the EPA to Protect our Families from Fracking!

Across the country, people are concerned about the health and environmental threats posed by hydraulic fracturing (fracking), a risky new technology that is increasingly used for natural gas production. One major concern is that fracking could contaminate the drinking water that people around fracking sites rely on for their daily needs. In Wyoming, the federal Environmental Protection Agency said they would investigate the issue, and in 2011 their preliminary report was the first-ever to document drinking water contamination linked directly to fracking.

You would think that EPA’s scientific finding would prompt nationwide action by the federal agency to protect Americans from fracking contamination – but you would be wrong.

Instead, EPA promised to investigate further – but now the agency has abandoned even that small step. Now they have dropped their investigation and turned over the Wyoming study to a state panel – a panel that is funded by a fracking company!

Tell Gina McCarthy and the EPA to do their jobs and protect our families from fracking!

Meanwhile thousands of American who live near fracking sites in other states are also pointing to tainted water they say has been polluted by new fracking operations.  And now a new study found that wastewater from fracking discharged into a stream contained high levels of radioactive particles – even after undergoing wastewater “treatment.”

Yet Gina McCarthy, the new head of the US EPA, has said she thinks the states –and not her agency—should deal with this fracking mess*. Yet she ignores the fact that the federal government has exempted fracking from almost all environmental regulations, which pre-empts states from adopting many protective rules.  Tell Gina McCarthy that it’s time for EPA to do its job by protecting the environment and our health! It’s time for an end to her hands-off approach to the fracking industry’s toxic pollution.

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