Report- Canned Foods Still Expose Americans to BPA

Major retailers are still selling canned food with toxic BPA.

UPDATE 6/30/17: 90% of canned foods from ethnic grocery stores contain BPA! Read the shocking news and take action here.

CEH’s new report, “Kicking the Can? Major retailers still selling canned food with BPA,” outlines our testing of more than 250 canned foods purchased from Kroger, Albertsons/Safeway, and dollar stores from eleven states. Alarmingly, we found that nearly 40% of the cans tested positive for the toxic chemical BPA, suggesting that millions of Americans are still being exposed to BPA when they eat canned food. BPA is known to cause birth defects and has been linked to breast cancer, prostate cancer, and other serious health problems.  Our testing also found that alternatives to BPA may not be safe: many cans tested positive for PVC plastic, a toxic substitute.

CEH is calling on retailers to commit to eliminating and safely substituting BPA from all of their food cans, with clear timelines for a transition to safer canned foods, and in the meantime, to label all chemicals used in can liners. Consumers can use fresh and frozen alternatives as much as possible, and check the Kicking the Can report for guidance on buying canned foods.














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