CEH Partners with Sungevity


As you probably already know, CEH supports clean, renewable energy that doesn’t threaten families’ health. While processes like fracking use dangerous chemicals that pollute the air and drinking water of communities near drilling sites, solar energy is clean and renewable.

Sungevity is an innovative solar company who believes in solar for universal need. Companies like Sungevity are making solar available and accessible to everyone through their solar-lease programs. And now, you can convert to solar for your home and support CEH at the same time!

A Sungevity solar lease offers home owners the chance to go solar with no money down. In most cases, homeowners save by replacing their current electricity bill with a smaller lease payment. Most Sungevity customers save money on their electric bills immediately, and everyone saves over time.

When  you choose Sungevity to go solar & save money, the company gives back by donating $750 to the Center of Environmental Health.

It’s a win-win-win – you get a solar powered house, we get $750 to continue our important work, and the earth breathes a little easier.

Find out if you’re able to go solar: Send Sungevity a request for an iQuote for your home.  They will contact you immediately to discuss putting solar panels on your home.

You’ve been our partner in taking action at the policy and advocacy level, now join us by making the personal choice to go solar.

Ali manages the website and coordinates the online communications of CEH. She works with the communications and development staff to create messaging strategies and public education content for CEH’s supporters and online audience. A Bay Area native, Ali attended the University of California, Los Angeles, where she received a B.A. in Sociology and Cultural Studies. This allowed her to live abroad in Argentina, where she studied Latin American history and learned valuable Spanish language skills. Ali is thrilled to be part of an organization that advocates for healthy communities so effectively.