It's a Couch, It's a Baby Stroller, It's…Toxies Nom Halogenated Flame Retardants!


If you’ve been keeping up with the recent Chicago Tribune exposes on killer chemical flame retardants, then you’re already familiar with 2012 Toxies Nominee Halogenated Flame Retardants.

She’s a killer hiding behind a mask of good intention. Relaxing in our homes all day, every day, then running in, pretending she can stop a fire! Save children! Keep your lit cigarette from setting your mattress ablaze! But let’s be honest, HFRs is a mess — a hot mess. She’s so clingy and needy, hanging on everything and getting all up in your business, covering you and anything that crawls from babies to kittens. Laying your head on a HFRs laced mattress or couch can be toxic to your brain, endocrine and reproductive systems and has detrimental effects on your thyroid and liver function. “Snap, did I do that?” Yes, HFRs, yes you did.

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