Our Story of Electronics Laptop Contest Winner!


On December 20th, as promised on our website, we chose one lucky winner to receive a Red Rabbit refurbished laptop and a sustainable laptop case signed by the cast of Private Practice.  Our lucky, randomly-selected winner is Darren Beck of Olathe, Kansas, and it turns out he works on issues of sustainability, consumerism, and the environment.  Darren came across our website resources after watching “The Story of Electronics”.  Here’s what he had to say about the video and our own electronics resources:

“I’ve been a fan of Annie Leonard’s video, “The Story of Stuff”, for a while now.  She and artist Chris Jordan have done a phenomenal job of raising public awareness around excessive consumerism, one-and-done products, and their toll on the environment.

When the “The Story of Electronics” was released around America Recycles Day, it was wonderful to see the Center for Environmental Health partnering with Ms. Leonard to showcase the video and provide viewers with resources on greener electronics.

Because most electronics contain environmentally sensitive materials, there’s a greater need than ever for electronics to be “designed with the end in mind”. The CEH web site provides readers with tips on how to get industry moving in that direction. Encountering the site also reminds me that, as consumers, our most significant influence comes from “voting with our wallets”. We can propel the pace of change by buying the products and from the companies that represent our values.

I encourage you to bookmark www.ceh.org and visit the site frequently. Their work is helping to make our world a healthier and safer place for all.” — Darren Beck, Olathe, Kansas

Ali manages the website and coordinates the online communications of CEH. She works with the communications and development staff to create messaging strategies and public education content for CEH’s supporters and online audience. A Bay Area native, Ali attended the University of California, Los Angeles, where she received a B.A. in Sociology and Cultural Studies. This allowed her to live abroad in Argentina, where she studied Latin American history and learned valuable Spanish language skills. Ali is thrilled to be part of an organization that advocates for healthy communities so effectively.