Stand Up to Monsanto this Wednesday—March 28th is National GMO Call-In Day


This Wednesday we’re calling on Walmart to reject selling Monsanto’s GE sweet corn before farmers start planting it this summer.

Walmart cares most about their bottom-line and public image. That’s why we’re collaborating with our allies at Food & Water Watch to generate thousands of calls from consumers this Wednesday, March 28th.  If there’s enough consumer pressure on Walmart, the corporation will be forced to change its ways.

Volunteers across the country are hosting call-in events to help spread the word and generate phone calls in their community.

In the past couple months, hundreds of thousands of supporters have shown strong support of opposing untested, unlabeled and potentially unsafe GE food.  On February 8, more than 3,300 phone calls were made to Walmart’s customer service line, and Food & Water Watch delivered the more than 75,000 collective petition signatures to more than 100 Walmart stores across the country from CEH supporters and other ally groups.

Help keep the momentum going—take a minute on Wednesday to call your local Walmart and urge them: Just Say NO to GMO Corn!

Make Your Call to Walmart Today:

Call the Walmart customer service line (877) 796-1950 and ask that Walmart protect its customers by committing to not sell Monsanto’s genetically engineered sweet corn.

Once your done, you can use Food & Water Watch’s handy tool to report back on what happened on your call (it only takes 1 minute!)

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