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Los Angeles has a Big Hex Chrome Problem


The Los Angeles area has been known for its eye-watering smog and air pollution since the 1950s. Although visible smog has waned in recent years due to the Clean Air Act, state and national emissions standards, and other pollution-minimizing laws, there are dangerous air pollutants that are not visible to the eye- and that are…

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Fossil Fuel Dependence Pollutes our Planet and our Bodies


By Michael Green, CEO of Center for Environmental HealthAs political leaders, entrepreneurs, activists, and scientists from around the world gather at the Global Climate Summit in San Francisco this week, there is no better time to underscore the terrifyingly dangerous impact of fossil fuels on our societies and bodies today.The primary focus of the clean…

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CEH In New York: Protecting the Public from Fracking Chemicals


Last week, I presented testimony to a New York State Assembly Committee hearing on the state’s proposed new rules for fracking – rules that we consider woefully inadequate to protect New Yorkers from the real health and environmental risks from fracking and fracking chemicals. I gave testimony as part of a panel of experts that…

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CEH's Justice Fund Helps Youth-Led Group Find Solutions to Cool the Planet


From the local to the global, we are all struggling to recognize and face the climate crisis to create lasting, viable solutions and connectivity among communities. For youth in southeast San Francisco, many are living the direct connection between the effects of climate change in their home countries in Latin America and with their families…

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Californians to the EPA – We Want Clean Air!


As the summer heat sets in, some may consider the air quality a passing concern, while for others it is an invisible cage on their daily activity: “I check the air quality rating every day now,” said one former college track athlete and lung cancer survivor, now a Sacramento trainer in his early thirties. His…

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Air Pollution and the Olympics


Tahmina Kohistani, the only female Afghan track athlete competing in the London Olympics, trains in the Afghan capital Kabul – a city with some of the worst air pollution in the world. In the Afghan capital alone, the number of deaths caused by air pollution rivals the number of civilians killed nationwide every year by…

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What’s Inside Your Tech Gadgets? The History and Health Impacts of Rare Earth Metals


From missiles and aircraft generators to ipods and tv monitors, rare earth metals are used in a vast amount of the products we use everyday.  With the increase in production of tech gadgets comes an increase in global demand for rare earth metals–but that demand comes a cost.  The mining, refining, and manufacturing processes used…

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Beneath The Unfriendly Skies


The next time you tighten your safety belt en route to see your in-laws, you might want to hold your breath. The National Geographic recently reported that you’re ten times more likely to die from pollution caused by airplanes than you are to die in an actual airplane crash. According to the article, airplane exhaust…

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