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Artificial Turf: A Synthetic Chemical Stew


In the 1960s, my high school (I’m giving away my age) had what is probably best described as a pathetic football field. Patchy grass that was almost as much sand as it was grass; decrepit bleachers that had room for a couple hundred people; and a small but enthusiastic crowd for game nights. My high…

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The Toxic Turf Times, Vol. 2


Thanks for picking up Volume 2 of the compelling story of CEH’s quest to end the threat of lead exposure for anyone who plays on artificial turf.  In case you missed Volume 1, Iron Man teamed up with Captain America and Thor to save the Hulk from his aggressive behavior (one of the many symptoms…

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The Toxic Turf Times, Vol. 1


I’ve never been much of an athlete.  When I view home videos from my childhood, I am dismayed to see that I spent more time “coaching” my little league soccer teammates as to where an opponent kicked the ball (as if they couldn’t see for themselves) than running after the ball myself. I’m no athlete, but…

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