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Air Pollution and the Olympics


Tahmina Kohistani, the only female Afghan track athlete competing in the London Olympics, trains in the Afghan capital Kabul – a city with some of the worst air pollution in the world. In the Afghan capital alone, the number of deaths caused by air pollution rivals the number of civilians killed nationwide every year by…

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Watch: The Misclassification in Port Trucking


 “I’m classified as an independent contractor, but I have very, very little control over the success or failure of my company.” -Dutch Prior, Port Truck Driver Part of CEH’s Safe Air, Water and Food campaign is the Coalition for Clean and Safe Ports—fighting to restore stability to our Ports’ system and improve air quality in…

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My Word: Congress Must Give Port of Oakland Authority to Set Standards to Help Truckers


Published in the Oakland Tribune on December 29, 2009 By Christine Cordero and Rome Aloise A THOUSAND truck drivers face unemployment in January when their rigs are banned from the Port of Oakland. The state is rightly enforcing new diesel truck emission standards, but these drivers can’t afford the new trucks or upgrades needed to…

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