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The Good and Bad News About BPA


The toxic plastics chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) has recently been in the news again. For CEH, BPA exemplifies many of the more problematic aspects of our country’s approach to harmful chemicals in everyday products, and a look at the history and science around BPA is instructive for all who are working to end toxic health…

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Tips for an Eco-friendly Summer


It’s summertime, and we’ve compiled some eco-tips for you to stay healthy and happy this summer. 1. Harness the Power of the Sun: Take advantage of the bright, hot sun and harvest its energy! Solar is the way to go these days, what with processes like fracking polluting the air and drinking water near drilling…

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Urge Your Senator to Co-Sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act 2013!


From lead in toys to BPA in food cans to flame retardants in furniture, families should no longer be exposed to harmful chemicals, without our knowledge or consent. The Safe Chemicals Act 2013 would protect families across the country from these toxic exposures. Please take action to urge your Senator to support our health by…

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Deadline TODAY: Protect Children and Families from BPA!


It’s past time for California to require labels on products with BPA. We have just until 5pm on Wednesday April 10th to take action! Join actress and mom Amy Brenneman in calling for BPA labeling!

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Intern Stories- Rohini Behl


Although summer was what felt like eons away, I started determining my summer plans in December. That’s right – a full 5 ½ months in advance. Anything could go wrong in that time – I didn’t have any clue of just how wrong. Essentially, before me there were two options: take summer courses or find…

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This Fourth of July: Claim Your Independence from Toxics!


Before you head off to your 4th of July barbeque this year, take a moment to think about the complexity of the freedom of choice we have as consumers.  Most supermarkets and stores we shop at carry thousands of brands, thousands of choices of food, products, and more that we get to choose between.  Those…

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Eco-Tips for National Public Health Week: CEH’s Greatest Hits


It’s National Public Health Week, an occasion that brings many CEH issues to the forefront of national attention.  Safer products, food, air and water mean better national public health.  You’ve seen public health issues in the news recently—from the ‘pinkslime’ in school lunches, to the battle over BPA in packaging.  All of these seemingly disjointed…

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The Toxic Shell Game


By Michael Green, CEH Executive Director- Crossposted from Huffington Post My three-year-old daughter Juliette and I have a standing argument. When she wants a sippy cup, I hand her my all-stainless steel, unlined hard-topped mug. But she wants her pink plastic sippy cup, the one with the squishy plastic shell and flexible plastic straw. She…

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Hundreds Celebrate 15 Years of CEH Success!


On Monday, October 24, more than 250 friends, families, and supporters of the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) toasted the first 15 years of our successful action to protect children and families from harmful chemicals at a gala event in San Francisco. Welcomed by our Board member Paul Adelstein, the crowd heard from a panel…

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5 Simple Things You Can Do For Your Health & the Environment on Earth Day


Usually Earth Day comes and goes, and often times, it can have the unfortunate side effect of greenwashing (just look at all the green leaves and “earth” symbols that are arbitrarily slapped onto the labels of  a bevy of commercial products).  But it’s important to know that we can’t just buy our way out of…

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