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Eco-Tip: How to Reduce BPA in our Bodies


It’s likely that you’ve heard of BPA, a toxic chemical that damages genes and disrupts our hormones. If you’ve tuned in to the alphabet soup of toxic chemicals, you may also have heard of DEHP, another toxic chemical that causes cancer and interferes with our ability to have healthy children. There’s good news about these…

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Take It Personally


On my way into work last Friday I heard a story on NPR about a UCSF study that found dozens of toxic chemicals in the bodies of pregnant women. I’ve written before about the vulnerable environment of the womb, and while I’m not surprised by the findings of this latest report, its release struck a…

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BPA In Paper Money


It turns out that the cash in your wallet may be contaminated with the dangerous chemical BPA.  A recent study found that BPA (a widely used chemical that causes genetic damage, miscarriages, birth defects and acts like a hormone) is present in paper money.  Water bottles, baby bottles and sippy cups just a few years…

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Safe Food Tips for a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving


Certain traditions of the Thanksgiving meal have a knack for evoking the nostalgia of family and Thanksgivings past.  For me, having that weird Ocean Spray “smooth jelly” cranberry sauce from the supermarket was a must every year when I was growing up.  I couldn’t stand the lumpy kind that my aunt made from scratch.  These…

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The verdict is in: Healthy kids in CA are worth more than $5 million from chemical industry lobbyists!


Yesterday we wrote about the California BPA bill and all the attempts chemical lobbyists made to kill it. But after spending $5 million, they still couldn’t defeat it! Today, the California assembly voted to ban Bisphenol A (BPA) from infant food packaging, thereby discounting the chemical and pharmaceutical industry scare tactics! Whoohoo! It was quite…

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Are Californians Dumber than Folks in Connecticut?


We don’t think so. But the chemical industry does. In Connecticut, industry lobbyists thought that they could use fear tactics against a proposed state ban on the toxic plastic ingredient Bisphenol-A (BPA).  But fear mongering lost, and the state adopted a ban, joining five other states, Vermont, Wisconsin, Washington, Maryland, Minnesota (not to mention the…

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