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Cadmium in Jewelry Gets Headlines Again


“Feds muff kid cadmium in jewelry crackdown” — Justin Pritchard, Associated Press Bureaucratic inertia, too much acceptance of industry claims, a small budget, and a small staff of inspectors combine to make the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s efforts to remove toxic cadmium-containing jewelry from store shelves less than effective. So says the Associated Press, that has just…

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We Did It! The Cadmium Ban Passes in CA


Thousands of CEH members around the California came together last month and told the state Assembly that kids’ jewelry should never be toxic. Our work forced the jewelry industry to eliminate lead threats, but some jewelry makers responded by substituting cadmium, another toxic metal, for the lead they could no longer use in children’s jewelry….

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CEH Action Prompts Nationwide Jewelry Recall


Following an investigation and legal action earlier this year by the Center for Environmental Health, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Tween Brands today announced a recall of 19 styles of children’s metal necklaces, bracelets and earrings due to high levels of cadmium. About 137,000 pieces of jewelry were pulled from the company’s Justice and…

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Walmart Knew About Cadmium In Its Jewelry


The Center for Environmental Health has filed legal notice against Wal-Mart for selling cadmium-tainted jewelry. Independent testing commissioned by the nonprofit found that a pendant on a Miley Cyrus/Max Azria necklace contained high levels of cadmium, in violation of California consumer protection law. Amazingly, Wal-Mart knew for months about the toxic jewelry, which the LA…

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