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Eco-Tip: Why You Shouldn’t Use RoundUp (or Trust Its Labels)


At the risk of sounding like the geek that I really am, I’ll make this confession: I’ve been reading the fine print on the back (and front) of Roundup bottles for a couple of decades. The Roundup I’m talking about here is not cowboys chasing down straggling cattle or horses. Roundup, along with other brand…

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Confessions of a Young Man’s Love For Jewelry… Compliance Testing


If you were to search for men who admit to frequenting Claire’s Boutique – where your teenage daughters shop for clothes, jewelry, and other fashion accessories with short shelf lives – I am quite certain that you would spend a long time looking.  I visit this store often, along with many others that sell women’s…

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Toxic Chemical Lobby: Exclusive Leaked Footage


Today, our friends at Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families released their funny, animated video to garner public support for Congressional Action on the Toxic Substances Control Act.  Though getting nasty, hazardous chemicals out of consumer products is a serious issue, this video breaks things down in a funny, relatable way that we can all understand. Watch…

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Eco-Tip of the Week: How to Buy Safer Handbags


Lead in handbags.  Cadmium in jewelry. These days, news about toxic heavy metal discoveries in fashion accessories seems to be popping up left and right.   Just this week CEH discovered three items at Wal-Mart with very high levels of lead, including a Miley Cyrus-brand wallet containing more than 30 times more lead than the limit…

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Listen to CEH Executive Director Michael Green on Your Call, KALW Radio


“The reason that the government has focused so much on cure and so little on prevention is because there’s a buck to be made”,  Michael Green said on today’s Your Call, KALW Radio program. The topic of today’s Your Call looks at the connections between the parallel explosion of human made carcinogens and cancer rates. …

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Field of Nightmares: Keep Cancer-Causing Pesticide Out of California’s Strawberry Fields


More than 20 years ago, my sister died of cancer when she was a young mother of two kids under eight.  I still live with that pain, and I know  that I’m not alone –all of you also have the same kind of stories about this common disease. With cancer so wide-spread, it should be…

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CEH Ending Hidden Lead Hazards in Purses


Last April, CEH announced finding high levels of lead in dozens of purses and handbags sold at several major retailers, including Target, Macy’s, WalMart and many others. Last week, a landmark legal agreement with four major companies established, for the first time, limits to end lead threats to women from purses, handbags, clutches and wallets….

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My Word: Congress Must Give Port of Oakland Authority to Set Standards to Help Truckers


Published in the Oakland Tribune on December 29, 2009 By Christine Cordero and Rome Aloise A THOUSAND truck drivers face unemployment in January when their rigs are banned from the Port of Oakland. The state is rightly enforcing new diesel truck emission standards, but these drivers can’t afford the new trucks or upgrades needed to…

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Toxic Chemicals in Your Living Room


Toxic chemicals and your home —not two things we want to hear together in the same sentence. But toxic chemicals are much more ubiquitous in our homes than we’d like to think. For example, for years, chemical companies have been pouring their fire retardant chemicals into everything from household couch cushions to the plastic covers…

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