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Another Trump Nominee with Close Ties to Industry


The day after the Consumer Product Safety Commission made a historic move to restrict on an entire class of toxic flame retardant chemicals, Trump nominated a Commissioner who threatens to roll back that landmark decision. Dana Baiocco has built her legal career on defending companies from consumer action  and keeping dangerous products on the market….

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My Story with the Chemical Industry


I worked in an environment that was hazardous to my health for many years. At first I didn’t realize it. But as time passed, I became aware that many of the on-site substances were known to cause cancer in some groups of workers as well as laboratory animals. Stuff like benzene, methylene chloride, and PCBs……

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Money talks. But it’s time to shut it up.


In the Supreme Court Case, Citizens United, the Court ruled for the first time that corporations are guaranteed the same free speech rights as real people to influence elections. The problem is, they have more money. A lot more money. As the saying goes, “Money talks.” So while many of us exercise our democratic right…

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Flaming Mad About Chemical Industry Lies


CEH staff members have been consistently working on the problems surrounding flame retardants for the past 5 years.  We have uncovered and exposed many of the lies and deceptions that the chemical industry has perpetuated, but never in my wildest dreams, could I have imagined that the Chicago Tribune would issue a four-part investigative report…

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The Toxic Shell Game


By Michael Green, CEH Executive Director- Crossposted from Huffington Post My three-year-old daughter Juliette and I have a standing argument. When she wants a sippy cup, I hand her my all-stainless steel, unlined hard-topped mug. But she wants her pink plastic sippy cup, the one with the squishy plastic shell and flexible plastic straw. She…

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Hey EPA, Stop Stalling Your Study on One of the Most Toxic Chemicals on the Planet!


 The EPA has been buying time—27 years worth, to be exact—on evaluating the risks of dioxin exposure.  Dioxin is one of the most toxic chemicals known to science—and nearly every American has measurable levels of dioxin in their body.  Even babies are born pre-polluted with potentially harmful levels of dioxin.  In 1985, EPA concluded that…

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Greenwash of the Month: Chemical Industry Front-Groups You Should Know About


The chemical, pesticide, and other industries have a long history of using their lobbyists and public relations firms to create industry front groups.  These front groups are paid to serve as purported independent analysts, while in reality they are nothing more than undercover proxies for dirty industries. Industry needs these phony front groups because public…

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