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Disney: Another Toxic Children’s Product!


Over the years, CEH has found too many safety problems in Disney products. Our work exposed high levels of lead in Disney-branded baby bibs, lunchboxes, jewelry and several other products. But now we’ve found a new danger in a Disney product – this time, in a product that children love to eat! Testing by an…

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FAQ: Working to End Lead Threats to Children


Update: After thinking it over for a day, WalMart decides to pull products nationwide. Yesterday, CEH announced our findings of high lead levels in children’s products from Target and WalMart. After nearly fifteen years of eliminating health hazards to children and families from hundreds of lead-tainted products, we’re often asked how we go about this…

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Kiss Me, I’m Infertile! A St. Patrick’s Day Surprise You Don’t Want to Hear


As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, our thoughts turn to parades, green beer, and of course, infertility. Infertility? Apparently that’s what some jewelry makers want us to think about when we see a St. Patrick’s Day pendant on a necklace for young girls. Because the St. Pat’s shamrock necklace we purchased at Claire’s, the “fashion authority”…

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