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Flame Retardant Chemicals Front Group Goes Up in Smoke


More than two years ago, CEH exposed the dirty tricks and underhanded tactics used by a chemical industry front group called Citizens for Fire Safety (CFFS). More recently, we highlighted the front group’s fraud with this hilarious video. CFFS includes no actual citizens and does not work for fire safety; instead, for years they have…

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So What’s the Problem? Challenges in the Fight against Toxic Flame Retardants


Opposition to the use of chemical flame retardants has gained extraordinary momentum in just the past few months.  Catalyzed by a stunning exposé by the Chicago Tribune  and fed by a flood of ensuing media coverage, CEH and our allies have rallied scientists, doctors, activists, and community members.  Scientists have linked flame retardant exposure to…

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Flame Retardant Makers and Their Three Stooges


What do the Three Stooges have to do with harmful chemicals in our furniture and baby products? If you’ve been following our blogs and the coverage of harmful flame retardants in the news lately, you know that the chemical companies that make flame retardants–namely Albermarle, Israeli Chemical Limited, and Chemtura–have their own 3 stooges fighting…

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Making Our Milk Safe (MOMS) Comes to CEH!


What’s going on behind the scenes at the Center for Environmental Health right now?  Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re teaming up with another great non-profit just as concerned with protecting the public from toxic chemicals as we are—Making Our Milk Safe (MOMS). Here’s a little background on what MOMS is all about:

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Toxic Chemicals in Your Living Room


Toxic chemicals and your home —not two things we want to hear together in the same sentence. But toxic chemicals are much more ubiquitous in our homes than we’d like to think. For example, for years, chemical companies have been pouring their fire retardant chemicals into everything from household couch cushions to the plastic covers…

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