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Californians to the EPA – We Want Clean Air!


As the summer heat sets in, some may consider the air quality a passing concern, while for others it is an invisible cage on their daily activity: “I check the air quality rating every day now,” said one former college track athlete and lung cancer survivor, now a Sacramento trainer in his early thirties. His…

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The Fracking Debate is Blowing Up….And So Could The West Village


Houston-based gas company Spectra Energy has proposed building a high-pressure natural gas pipeline that would run through the tri-state area, including through Linden, Bayonne, Staten Island, Jersey City, the Hudson River, and entering Manhattan through the West Village. The proposal includes a storage tank to be placed near The Highline, a park in the New…

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House GOP Attacks EPA and Environmental Regulations-What This Means For YOUR Health


In the hands of the GOP, Congress has mounted an all-out assault on the Environmental Protection Agency, pushing an extensive list of measures to shackle the EPA from exercising its regulatory authority. But wait, there’s more:  the House Republican’s 2012 budget aims to drastically restructure federal policy on a number of fronts: cutting energy research,…

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