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Survey Says: Industry Clings to Toxic Vinyl


Our friends at the Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ) recently passed along the results of a survey that gives an interesting inside look at industry. The Flexible Vinyl Alliance’s Spring Survey exposes how toxic vinyl (PVC) makers view the growing movement away from the use of this particularly toxic plastic. In the past…

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A Big (Green) Apple? New York Lagging on Green Purchasing


Dioxin is one of the most toxic chemicals known to science. Banned by a United Nations treaty as one of the “Dirty Dozen” most harmful chemicals, it can cause serious health problems, including certain cancers, birth defects, dysfunctional immune and reproductive systems, greater susceptibility to disease and even diminished intelligence. So it was good news…

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Get Ready for the Red Carpet Event of the Year: The Toxies 2011!


You’ve probably heard about the the Razzies, a satirical spin on the Oscars, but you may not have heard of the Toxies.  June 16, 2011 brings us the second annual red carpet awards ceremony for “Bad Actor” chemicals will take place at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. “The Toxies”, created by CEH ally coalition, Californians…

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Can Preventing Pollution Also Prevent Diabetes?


(Guest blogger Sarah Howard is a CEH supporter and an environmental health advocate.) Diabetes is the quintessential “lifestyle” disease – or is it? There is growing scientific evidence that exposure to environmental contaminants may contribute to the development of diabetes. A provocative study of U.S. residents found that people who were obese but had very…

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