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Top 5 Ways to Have a Toxic-Free Easter

toxic-free Easter

Spring is blooming and Easter is right around the corner! As we relax and enjoy the company of family and friends, it is important to remember to steer clear of the synthetic, holiday-themed products that can contain harmful chemicals. By making conscious and educated choices, you can limit the amount of unwanted toxic chemicals showing…

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Eco-Tip: The Incredible, Inedible Egg


The FDA website has updated information on the recalled eggs and how to read egg cartons for recalled products. Just this morning, two new egg brands were added to the growing recall list. Some more tips: 1.  Cook Eggs Thoroughly: Cooking and baking generally kills salmonella, as long as eggs are cooked thoroughly. So soft…

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Egg on Our Faces: Recalled Eggs Produced by Corporate Criminal


Factory animal farms run by corporate criminal Austin “Jack” DeCoster have a long legacy of worker safety violations, environmental crimes, and animal abuses. Now DeCoster’s Iowa egg operation has been found responsible for salmonella poisoning that has sickened people in at least twelve states. Up to 1300 people (and counting) may have suffered from the…

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