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Electronics Eco-Label Standard Finally Passes–but it's still far from perfect


I have to admit that it was with mixed feelings that I received the recent news that the two latest EPEAT (electronics eco-label) standards for Imaging Equipment and Televisions has finally passed!  It felt good to know that when you buy electronics you will soon have a way to identify and purchase more environmentally-friendly printers,…

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A Big (Green) Apple? New York Lagging on Green Purchasing


Dioxin is one of the most toxic chemicals known to science. Banned by a United Nations treaty as one of the “Dirty Dozen” most harmful chemicals, it can cause serious health problems, including certain cancers, birth defects, dysfunctional immune and reproductive systems, greater susceptibility to disease and even diminished intelligence. So it was good news…

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Eco-Tip of the Week: Energy Saving Tips


The average American spends over 8 hours a day looking at screens on various electronic devices. From the office, to the store, to our homes, electronic devices are everywhere, and we use them constantly. Now, we have already discussed  the mountains of e-waste that accumulate from these electronics and how devastatingly toxic they are to…

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