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Lead in Your Shopping Bag?


Wegmans, a major grocery store chain in New York and nearby states recently announced that some reusable shopping bags that have been sold in its stores contain lead. Independent testing by the Empire State Consumer Project showed that these bags contain more lead than the standards set by “Toxics in Packaging” laws that many states…

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Tell the Governor: Reduce Pesticide Use, for School Children and Workers' Health!


Pesticide use is so prevalent in our country that these intentional poisons are nearly everywhere. Don’t want to take my word for it? There’s no need to: cautious, understated, and matter-of-fact reports from conservative government agencies verify that pesticides pollute our food, our water, and our bodies. That’s why I want to ask Californians to…

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CEH Stands Up to Ban Cadmium


Last week, the Center for Environmental Health and State Senator Fran Pavley led supporters in Sacramento, urging Governor Schwarzenegger to sign the bill to ban the toxic metal cadmium, from children’s jewelry. This bill would cap cadmium use at 300 parts per million. CEH brought our x-ray florescence machine along to test parents’ and their…

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The Plastic Bottle Dilemma


We’ve all done it before–you finish drinking that soda or eating that to-go lunch and you’re in a rush, with no recycling bin in sight–so what do you do with that plastic bottle or container? “Ah, how bad could it be to throw this one plastic item away, just this once?” you tell yourself. This…

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Our Voices, Our Power: Communities United to Stop Dirty Energy


This year, two Texas oil companies are leading a group of out-of-state polluters, pushing Proposition 23 – a deceptive ballot measure that would repeal California’s landmark climate change law. What’s it all about? Four years ago, California passed the groundbreaking Global Warming Solutions Act to reduce the state’s contribution to climate change, placing the state…

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Victory for California: Los Angeles Rules in Favor of the Clean Truck Program


It’s about time.  In a tremendous legal victory for clean air and workers’ rights, a CA district judge has ruled in favor of the Los Angeles Clean Truck program.  The Clean Truck program allows the Port of Los Angeles to enforce all provisions of one of the most effective diesel reduction programs in the country!…

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A Global Graveyard for Toxic Electronics


Do you know what happens to your computer once you throw it out? Old electronics are dumped in “digital graveyards” in countries around the world, like China and Ghana, where all of their toxic insides are purged out into massive waste yards, polluting the land and posing grave cancer, developmental, and health threats to the…

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The World of Green Chemistry


“Today nearly everything we touch—clothing, furniture, carpeting, cabinets, light bulbs, paper, toothpaste, baby teethers, iPhones, you name it—is synthetic,”  Emily Laber-Warren states in her Scientific American article, “Green Chemistry:  Scientists Devise New ‘Benign by Design’ Drugs, Paints, Pesticides and More”. For years, the chemical industry has largely disregarded the environmental and health hazards created by…

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Listen to CEH Executive Director Michael Green on Your Call, KALW Radio


“The reason that the government has focused so much on cure and so little on prevention is because there’s a buck to be made”,  Michael Green said on today’s Your Call, KALW Radio program. The topic of today’s Your Call looks at the connections between the parallel explosion of human made carcinogens and cancer rates. …

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