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Toxic Flame Retardant Chemicals Have Gotta Go


By Avinash Kar, NRDC; Alvaro Casanova, Center for Environmental Health; and Carroll Wills, California Professional Firefighters What if I told you that you have been and continue to be exposed to dangerous chemicals in your home for no good reason? What if these chemicals exposed firefighters to greater cancer risks in the bargain? You wouldn’t…

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Intern Stories: Julia Hannafin


When I first walked into CEH’s office in downtown Oakland for my internship interview, I knew little to nothing about environmental toxins affecting public health. I considered myself relatively knowledgeable about environmental health – after all, I had grown up in Berkeley, California (one of the most liberal cities in the nation, if not the…

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Intern Stories: Dominique Smith


All through the school year students are put under the stress of exams and research papers and study groups and life that summer becomes the beckoning light that indicates their ability to be able to soon breathe again. And once this season of freedom is close enough you can feel the beach sand between your…

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Supporter Spotlight: Daniel Solomon


(Pictured at right after his role as one of 41 people, including DC Mayor Vincent Gray, who were arrested following their protest calling for DC federal representation.) Daniel Solomon has been a longtime supporter of CEH and is a tenacious supporter of countless causes, including many in his home city of Washington D.C. The concept…

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