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Trump Threatens Our Drinking Water


One of the real luxuries of our time, that even our grandparents might remember differently, is going to the tap and getting a glass of clear, refreshing water. In the U.S., our government is responsible with making sure our water stays clean and safe. This is one of the reasons we established the Environmental Protection…

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CEH Standing for Children’s Health at EPA


With the Trump administration aiming at massive cuts to environmental regulations, and with Scott Pruitt confirmed as the new Chief Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is clear that we cannot count on federal protections from harmful chemicals. As noted by the Center for American Progress, Pruitt has regularly sided with corporate polluters…

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CEH Report on Flame Retardants in Nap Mats Prompts Call for EPA Study


Great news: CEH’s report on toxic flame retardants in nap mats has spurred Senator Frank Lautenberg (NJ) and 22 other Senators to call for an EPA study into flame retardant chemical dangers. Please show your support of the Senators’ call for an EPA study by asking your representatives on the Environment and Public Works committee…

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Californians to the EPA – We Want Clean Air!


As the summer heat sets in, some may consider the air quality a passing concern, while for others it is an invisible cage on their daily activity: “I check the air quality rating every day now,” said one former college track athlete and lung cancer survivor, now a Sacramento trainer in his early thirties. His…

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Protect Communities from Toxic Coal Ash


The endless plumes of smoke billowing out of coal power plants across the country aren’t the only polluting by-product of dirty coal—the process also leaves behind massive heaps of ash containing dangerously toxic pollutants including lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury. That’s right, coal ash contains horrifically poisonous substances—but it’s still not federally regulated as toxic…

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Eco-Tip of the Week: Celebrating National Culinary Month at Home


It’s not the most well-known month dedication, but apparently, July is National Culinary Arts Month.  Though this four week celebration focuses on celebrating professional cooks and chefs, we thought we’d pay homage to the good old tradition of cooking at home.   Making your own food not only reduces waste, but it also gives you control…

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There’s What in My Shampoo? Watch the Story of Cosmetics Video!


For many of us, comforting sensations come to mind when we think about our personal care products and how they make us feel, smell, and look.  But do you ever wonder what all those complicated ingredients listed on the back of your favorite shampoo or perfume actually are? We’ve written about this before:  All those…

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Oil Cleanup? Dispersing the Myths


There has been much recent attention to BP’s use of so-called dispersants in the Gulf oil disaster. Dispersants are chemicals intended to break up the spilled oil, presumably to speed degradation and thus lessen some of the havoc the oil would otherwise wreak. But there are major drawbacks with the use of dispersants, namely: They…

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Listen to CEH Executive Director Michael Green on Your Call, KALW Radio


“The reason that the government has focused so much on cure and so little on prevention is because there’s a buck to be made”,  Michael Green said on today’s Your Call, KALW Radio program. The topic of today’s Your Call looks at the connections between the parallel explosion of human made carcinogens and cancer rates. …

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CEH Ally Arlene Blum Shares the Real Deal on Flame Retardants


Executive Director of the Green Science Policy Institute, Arlene Blum works with CEH to research the effects of flame retardants and push for chemical reform to get these toxic chemicals out of consumer products. Hundreds of studies have shown that flame retardants—toxic chemicals added to everything from couch cushions to television sets—are linked to brain…

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