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Listen to CEH Executive Director Michael Green on Your Call, KALW Radio


“The reason that the government has focused so much on cure and so little on prevention is because there’s a buck to be made”,  Michael Green said on today’s Your Call, KALW Radio program. The topic of today’s Your Call looks at the connections between the parallel explosion of human made carcinogens and cancer rates. …

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CEH Ally Arlene Blum Shares the Real Deal on Flame Retardants


Executive Director of the Green Science Policy Institute, Arlene Blum works with CEH to research the effects of flame retardants and push for chemical reform to get these toxic chemicals out of consumer products. Hundreds of studies have shown that flame retardants—toxic chemicals added to everything from couch cushions to television sets—are linked to brain…

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Californians: Stop Pesticide Secrets


Urge your California Senator and Assemblymember to stop allowing secret, sometimes toxic ingredients in pesticides. We can’t let this opportunity slip by.

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Californians: Take Action to Stop Pesticide Secrets


When the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced last December that it wanted to consider greater disclosure of the so-called inert ingredients in pesticides, it may not have known how many people cared the issue. (“Inert” ingredients in pesticides are the mostly secret, mostly untested chemicals that can cause illnesses, despite their misleading name.)

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Son of Toxic Sludge: The Smell That Won’t Die


Sewage sludge is the mucky residue of municipal wastewater treatment operations, consisting largely of human feces. Repackaged as “biosolids,” sludge is sold or given away to farmers and homeowners for use as a nutrient-rich fertilizer. But when used to grow food, our turds may bite back: sludge can contain heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, toxic chemicals, disease-causing…

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We’re not Cockroaches, EPA. Tell Us What’s in that Toxic Spray!


Take a close look at the fine print on a can of Raid, a bottle of Cutters, a jug of RoundUp, or virtually any pesticide on the market today, and you’ll see these words:  “Inert ingredients.” Inert ingredients are the pesticide industry’s best-kept secret. The Bad News There are thousands of chemicals used as inerts…

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Tell EPA: No Secret Ingredients in Pesticides


Inert ingredients are the thousands of chemicals that the pesticide industry is allowed to keep secret. Some of these chemicals are anything but inert: they can cause cancer, genetic damage, reproductive harm, and other serious health problems. EPA recently announced that it’s considering requiring pesticide companies to disclose inert ingredients. Please take action today to demand…

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