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GMO Food Labeling: Lies and the Lying GMO Food Liars Who Tell Them


It’s no surprise that Monsanto and their agribusiness and Big Food industry friends are spending upwards of $40 million to keep Californians in the dark about genetically modified (GMO) foods. Their anti-Prop 37 campaign intends to run nonstop TV, radio and (if they could) subliminal-beamed-into-your -brain messages designed to scare you about this simple ballot…

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Top Ten Reasons NOT to Label GMO Food


Those nauseating food police are at it again. They say that GMO food may be harmful to our health, and they complain that without labels it is almost impossible to determine what harmful effects these untested foods may have. Sure, our children are the first generation who have been eating these foods for their entire…

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There’s Something Fishy About Failures to Label GMO Food


While FDA has not yet approved sale of genetically engineered (GMO) salmon, a new “harmoniously raised” salmon just marketed last month is making GMO waves. Sold by AquaChile, the Verlasso-brand salmon claims environmental cred by reducing the use of fish feed used to raise their salmon. Instead of fish feed, the company uses yeast to…

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Alice-in-FDA-Land: More Hypocrisy on GMO Labels


This week, in explaining its position that labels will not be required on genetically engineered (GMO) salmon, FDA says that they legally cannot require such labeling. The agency claims that they are bound by labeling laws, which call for a “material” change in the salmon before labels can be required. A material change, FDA says,…

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GMO Salmon and the Banality of Corruption at FDA


Earlier this week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held a meeting on its preliminary assessment that genetically engineered (GMO) salmon are safe to eat. A couple weeks prior, the agency released eleven years’ worth of data on the GMO fish, giving consumer and health advocates precious little time to review the basis for the…

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Truthiness and Fairness on GMO Labels at FDA


Today the FDA is meeting to discuss labeling of genetically engineered (GMO) salmon. Assuming that the agency makes the experimental fish the first GMO animal approved for human consumption, FDA’s proposal suggests that no labels will be required to let consumers know when they are buying the GMO fish. What’s worse, some suspect that the…

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Eco-Tip: The Incredible, Inedible Egg


The FDA website has updated information on the recalled eggs and how to read egg cartons for recalled products. Just this morning, two new egg brands were added to the growing recall list. Some more tips: 1.  Cook Eggs Thoroughly: Cooking and baking generally kills salmonella, as long as eggs are cooked thoroughly. So soft…

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Why the Enviropig is Full of Shit


The best friend a polluting factory hog farm ever knew is back in the news. The so-called “Enviropig” is a genetically manipulated (GMO) hog that a Canadian team has been trying to develop for more than a decade, in response to the pork industry’s need to evade environmental regulations. Pigs crammed onto factory farms produce…

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