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Moving Past Pinkwashing: Breast Cancer Prevention Means Eliminating Toxics


Today I bought a yogurt and opened it up to find a pink ribbon on the back of the lid next to the words “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”.  For the last few years, these pink ribbons have been omnipresent in everything from media to food product packaging during the month of October.  So, are all…

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Toxic Chemical Lobby: Exclusive Leaked Footage


Today, our friends at Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families released their funny, animated video to garner public support for Congressional Action on the Toxic Substances Control Act.  Though getting nasty, hazardous chemicals out of consumer products is a serious issue, this video breaks things down in a funny, relatable way that we can all understand. Watch…

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For Corporate Polluters’ Front Groups, Every Day is Defraud the Earth Day


If you heard of a great, health-protective advocacy group called Citizens for Fire Safety (CFFS), you might want to learn more before joining their efforts to protect children from fire hazards. So it might really annoy, disappoint, even enrage you to learn that they don’t really represent citizens. And that they don’t really care about…

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Eco Tip of the Week: 16 Things None of Us Should Ever Throw Away


That two-gallon tank of old lawnmower fuel has been gathering dust in your garage for who knows how long.  Rather than pouring toxic fuel down the drain or into the gutter, you take it to the local hazardous waste disposal facility, right? Most folks know that toxic substances like gasoline, motor oil, anti-freeze, etc. need…

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CEH Ally Arlene Blum Shares the Real Deal on Flame Retardants


Executive Director of the Green Science Policy Institute, Arlene Blum works with CEH to research the effects of flame retardants and push for chemical reform to get these toxic chemicals out of consumer products. Hundreds of studies have shown that flame retardants—toxic chemicals added to everything from couch cushions to television sets—are linked to brain…

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Flame Retardants – Preventing More than Fire


The Center for Environmental Health has long been championing the importance of full disclosure about chemicals included in all products that could be harmful to everyone, but especially women of child bearing years. We’ve been leading the way to remove hazardous flame retardants which are linked to altering women’s fertility. Thankfully the San Francisco Chronicle…

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Toxic Chemicals in Your Living Room


Toxic chemicals and your home —not two things we want to hear together in the same sentence. But toxic chemicals are much more ubiquitous in our homes than we’d like to think. For example, for years, chemical companies have been pouring their fire retardant chemicals into everything from household couch cushions to the plastic covers…

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