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Tell Walmart: Just Say No to GMO Corn!


Monsanto’s new experimental GMO corn contains a toxic pesticide in every bite,  intended for the frozen and/or canned corn market. This experimental corn will not be labeled, so consumers cannot know when they may be eating a GMO food.  As the nation’s largest retailer and a major provider of frozen and canned corn, Walmart has…

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Our Right to Know: GMO Food Labeling


Earlier this month, Senator Barbara Boxer and Congressman Peter DeFazio circulated a letter to their House and Senate colleagues, calling on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to require labels on genetically modified (GMO) food. The letter is open for Senators and Representatives to add their names for just a few more days, so it…

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GMO Salmon: What's the Catch?


This week, a California State Assembly committee will vote on a bill (AB 88) to require labeling of genetically modified (GMO) fish. In response to the potential FDA approval of GMO salmon, California must take this opportunity to protect state consumers’ right to know what is in our food. Take action! Call on your state…

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