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CEH on Sea Change Radio: The Fight for GMO Transparency


Have you ever tasted a strawberry whose DNA was altered to include fish genes? In the United States, genetically modified foods are not generally labeled as such.  Last week, CEH’s own Communications and Food Program Director Charles Margulis was a guest on Sea Change Radio. If you’ve seen any of our our advocacy campaigns or…

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Stand Up for GMO Food Labels!


Urge Congress that GMO food must be labeled.  These could be the most important clicks your mouse makes today!

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Our Right to Know: GMO Food Labeling


Earlier this month, Senator Barbara Boxer and Congressman Peter DeFazio circulated a letter to their House and Senate colleagues, calling on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to require labels on genetically modified (GMO) food. The letter is open for Senators and Representatives to add their names for just a few more days, so it…

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California Consumers Feeling Like Santorum (or Romney?) After Iowa


Like Rick Santorum who was shot down by a close vote in Iowa (no wait, apparently it was Romney who lost), yesterday a bill to require labels on GMO fish was narrowly defeated in a California Assembly committee vote. An op-ed yesterday in the San Francisco Chronicle by Consumers Union (CU), the nation’s leading consumer…

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