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The Atlantic Eats Up Big Pesticide’s Poison Dollars


On Thursday, The Atlantic is hosting a livestreamed event called “Harvest: Transforming the Food We Eat”. It looks to be a fascinating discussion of new food technologies, including making meat without animals and other cutting-edge ideas. And don’t get me wrong, I have loved The Atlantic ever since seventh grade when reading it made me…

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A Once-in-a-Century Pesticide (that Probably Causes Cancer)


On Friday, a World Health Organization panel of scientists from 11 countries announced their decision to list glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, as a probable human carcinogen. In particular the panel noted the links between glyphosate and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, as well as a study showing the chemical caused DNA and chromosomal damage…

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Breaking Bad, The DNA Files


One day I was a mild-mannered high school biology teacher, content to share my love of all things genetic with the mumble-mouthed, underwhelmed adolescent cretins known as the Class of 2035. Most of my students wouldn’t know Watson and Crick from Abercrombie and Fitch, but that didn’t stop me from extolling daily the virtues of…

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The Big Lie: Prop 37 and Lawsuits


People should have the information they need to choose whether or not they buy genetically modified (GMO) food, so it’s been disturbing to see the lies perpetrated by Monsanto and their anti-choice allies working against Prop 37, the California GMO Right-to-Know Ballot Initiative. Prop 37 would inform consumers with labels on genetically modified (GMO) food….

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CEH on Sea Change Radio: The Fight for GMO Transparency


Have you ever tasted a strawberry whose DNA was altered to include fish genes? In the United States, genetically modified foods are not generally labeled as such.  Last week, CEH’s own Communications and Food Program Director Charles Margulis was a guest on Sea Change Radio. If you’ve seen any of our our advocacy campaigns or…

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Walmart: Behind the Curve on GMO Corn


Last fall, biotech giant Monsanto announced its first new genetically modified (GMO) corn variety that would be intended for sale as whole food, in canned and frozen corn products. Previously most GMO corn went for animal feed or into highly processed foods, like corn syrup. But now, people could be eating whole corn engineered with…

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Our Right to Know: GMO Food Labeling


Earlier this month, Senator Barbara Boxer and Congressman Peter DeFazio circulated a letter to their House and Senate colleagues, calling on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to require labels on genetically modified (GMO) food. The letter is open for Senators and Representatives to add their names for just a few more days, so it…

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GMO Salmon: What's the Catch?


This week, a California State Assembly committee will vote on a bill (AB 88) to require labeling of genetically modified (GMO) fish. In response to the potential FDA approval of GMO salmon, California must take this opportunity to protect state consumers’ right to know what is in our food. Take action! Call on your state…

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There’s Something Fishy About Failures to Label GMO Food


While FDA has not yet approved sale of genetically engineered (GMO) salmon, a new “harmoniously raised” salmon just marketed last month is making GMO waves. Sold by AquaChile, the Verlasso-brand salmon claims environmental cred by reducing the use of fish feed used to raise their salmon. Instead of fish feed, the company uses yeast to…

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Justice Begins with (Non-GMO) Seeds


As the Justice Begins with Seeds conference kicks-off in San Francisco, it’s a good time for a reminder about some of the reasons that we are concerned about genetically engineered (GMO) food. For example, there is increasing concern that allergies may occur unintentionally as a result of genetic tinkering. A report in the New England…

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