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A Master Class on Fracking (and earn CME credits)


You have probably heard a lot over the past couple years about fracking and natural gas. Proponents of fracking say: • The natural gas boom will make the US energy independent. • Natural gas is the bridge fuel that will help us stop climate change and fracking helps us get there faster. • Fracking is…

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For Some Chemicals, Less Is More


Crossposted from Huffington Post When scientists suspect a chemical may cause cancer or other illnesses, one way they do testing is to expose lab animals to high doses of the substance and then see what happens. When anything tested this way shows harmful effects, industry goes on the offensive, arguing that only massively unlikely doses…

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Keep our water safe from toxic fracking chemicals


The Cuomo Administration has released draft rules to allow fracking for natural gas – a technology that has yet to be proven safe and puts our children and families at risk from water contamination, air pollution, and other toxic health threats. And we have just 3 days to submit comments opposing this plan. Please take…

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Artificial Turf: A Synthetic Chemical Stew


In the 1960s, my high school (I’m giving away my age) had what is probably best described as a pathetic football field. Patchy grass that was almost as much sand as it was grass; decrepit bleachers that had room for a couple hundred people; and a small but enthusiastic crowd for game nights. My high…

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So What’s the Problem? Challenges in the Fight against Toxic Flame Retardants


Opposition to the use of chemical flame retardants has gained extraordinary momentum in just the past few months.  Catalyzed by a stunning exposé by the Chicago Tribune  and fed by a flood of ensuing media coverage, CEH and our allies have rallied scientists, doctors, activists, and community members.  Scientists have linked flame retardant exposure to…

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Don’t Stop the Linsanity (but please stop these other insanities)

Jeremy Lin

As a basketball fan who grew up rooting for the Knicks of Willis Reed, Walt “Clyde” Frazier, and soon-to-be Senator Bill Bradley, it’s been fun witnessing the emergence of Jeremy Lin. Coming out of nowhere to star in the NBA is a rare accomplishment, but sadly there are emerging threats to our health all too…

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Mountain Dew Madness: What’s That Flame Retardant Doing in My Soda?


We all know that sodas are full of sugar, buy you may be surprised (and grossed out) to find that a chemical called brominated vegetable oil (BVO), a patented flame retardant, has also been added to  approximately 10% of sodas for decades in North America.  No need to worry about your soda catching on fire!…

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Stop Toxic Flame Retardants in Baby Products


Most most baby carriers, car seats, portable cribs, and other baby products contain untested synthetic flame retardants that pose serious health risks.  These flame retardants are unsafe and unnecessary! Urge Gov. Brown:  Take Action against Risky, Untested Flame Retardant Chemicals!

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