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How to Host a Toxies Viewing Party in Style!


Want to watch the Toxies, but don’t live anywhere near Los Angeles?  Don’t worry, you can still get in on the action by hosting a Toxies Viewing Party at home with friends and family! Already, dozens of Toxies fans across the country have signed up to host viewing parties in their own communities–from Minnesota to…

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Fight Toxic Chemicals: Make Some Art!


Momentum is building in the movement for safe chemicals. Just last week, we told you about the exciting news that Senator Dianne Feinstein agreed to co-sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act! Now is the time to keep the pressure on and encourage other Senators to sign on in support of the Safe Chemicals Act.  The first…

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Hey EPA, Stop Stalling Your Study on One of the Most Toxic Chemicals on the Planet!


 The EPA has been buying time—27 years worth, to be exact—on evaluating the risks of dioxin exposure.  Dioxin is one of the most toxic chemicals known to science—and nearly every American has measurable levels of dioxin in their body.  Even babies are born pre-polluted with potentially harmful levels of dioxin.  In 1985, EPA concluded that…

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Behind the Media Curtain: A Nonviolent Movement for Change


Last Wednesday, several members of CEH’s Oakland-based staff took place in parts of the day-long Occupy Oakland General Strike events. Word-of-mouth reports of the day noted the wide variety of peaceful and committed actions throughout the day: meditation groups, workshops and teach-ins, a prayer tent, children’s activities and much more. The crowd included city workers…

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A Victory in the Fight for Truly Green Chemistry Regulations


Due to relentless pressure from scientists, environmental and health organizations, and other public interest groups, the California Department of Toxic Substances has tabled the flawed Green Chemistry rules the agency released in November. This is a huge victory! CEH welcomed this major victory for California’s health and green policy and will work with the state…

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Watch the Story of Electronics- Coming Nov. 9th!


Have you seen the Story of Stuff? CEH is proud to be partnering with the Story of Stuff Project on the upcoming launch of their latest video, the Story of Electronics. CEH will provide viewers of the new video with resources for greener electronics and ways to influence industry to stop making electronics that are “designed…

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Environmental Health California Voter’s Guide


Of all the propositions on the ballot this November, there are two that you should make sure to watch out for if you care about environmental health. Big out-of-state oil, tobacco, and alcohol companies paid big bucks to have Proposition 23 and Proposition 26 added to the California ballot this year. These two propositions both…

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Warning: Your Baby Contains Toxic Chemicals!


Crossposted at SupernaturalMom.com Hundreds of toxic chemicals, including PCBs, DDT, endocrine disruptors, and dioxins — to name just a few — are showing up in mothers’ and their newborn babies’ bodies. These chemicals, found in everyday household products, can get absorbed during a typical morning routine. Consider this scenario:  the pregnant mom awakens after a…

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Halloween Hyperactivity Comes in Bright Colors


Halloween is one of those holidays where even the most rational, health-conscious adults give their kids, and themselves, a break and let all junk food precautions fall by the wayside?.  They fill their homes with all the Snickers, Skittles, M&Ms and other Halloween candy goodness that they can find, for their kids, trick-or-treaters, and for…

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Moving Past Pinkwashing: Breast Cancer Prevention Means Eliminating Toxics


Today I bought a yogurt and opened it up to find a pink ribbon on the back of the lid next to the words “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”.  For the last few years, these pink ribbons have been omnipresent in everything from media to food product packaging during the month of October.  So, are all…

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