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Survey Says: Industry Clings to Toxic Vinyl


Our friends at the Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ) recently passed along the results of a survey that gives an interesting inside look at industry. The Flexible Vinyl Alliance’s Spring Survey exposes how toxic vinyl (PVC) makers view the growing movement away from the use of this particularly toxic plastic. In the past…

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Eco-Tip of the Week: 3 Things To Avoid In Personal Care Products


For many of us, comforting sensations come to mind when we think about our personal care products and how they make us feel, smell, and look.  But what really gives these products the characteristics we associate with that clean, shower-fresh feeling? Alluring fragrances, silky smooth hair and skin, that squeaky clean anti-bacterial feeling:  they’re all…

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Kiss Me, I’m Infertile! A St. Patrick’s Day Surprise You Don’t Want to Hear


As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, our thoughts turn to parades, green beer, and of course, infertility. Infertility? Apparently that’s what some jewelry makers want us to think about when we see a St. Patrick’s Day pendant on a necklace for young girls. Because the St. Pat’s shamrock necklace we purchased at Claire’s, the “fashion authority”…

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Flame Retardants – Preventing More than Fire


The Center for Environmental Health has long been championing the importance of full disclosure about chemicals included in all products that could be harmful to everyone, but especially women of child bearing years. We’ve been leading the way to remove hazardous flame retardants which are linked to altering women’s fertility. Thankfully the San Francisco Chronicle…

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CEH Ending Hidden Lead Hazards in Purses


Last April, CEH announced finding high levels of lead in dozens of purses and handbags sold at several major retailers, including Target, Macy’s, WalMart and many others. Last week, a landmark legal agreement with four major companies established, for the first time, limits to end lead threats to women from purses, handbags, clutches and wallets….

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Toxic Chemicals in Your Living Room


Toxic chemicals and your home —not two things we want to hear together in the same sentence. But toxic chemicals are much more ubiquitous in our homes than we’d like to think. For example, for years, chemical companies have been pouring their fire retardant chemicals into everything from household couch cushions to the plastic covers…

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